Sibling Gift Ideas

Toddler and babying with roses around them

Adding a new edition to the family is generally an exciting time, but it’s also full of transition and change for older siblings. Keeping them involved with the new baby’s arrival is a great way to help ease the transition. Whether older siblings receive or give one, a sibling gift is a thoughtful gesture that can create family memories that will last generations. Here are a few suggestions:

Pink wodden name stool with name "Charlie"

Wooden Name Stools

If you are looking to support early literacy skills, studies say you can start by helping toddlers learn the letters that make up their name. It’s often the first word they know and learn to spell. A personalized wooden name stool in their bedroom or playroom keeps letter-learning front and center and will quickly become a cherished memory.

These classic maple stools come in a wide range of colors to match any home decor. We also offer several sizes and can put two names on the same stool. Is your little one into cars or trucks? What about animals? No problem — we can even add a theme to your name stool. To make this sibling gift extra-special, we can add an engraving and even gift-wrap it. Our experienced team can also personalize these stools with non-English names!

Personalized toy chests with "James Family"

Personalized Toy Chests

It’s hard to avoid amassing an impressive collection of toys when you’re a big brother or sister that’s been around for a few years, but that doesn’t mean they have to become a disorganized mess! Give your little one a place for all of their toys with a wooden toy box chest personalized with their name. Add a special touch with an engraved message that everyone can see when they clean up – even when the new baby is old enough to pitch in.

These personalized toy boxes look amazing with clear lacquer, but they can also be finished with a cherry or espresso stain and your choice of 19 paint colors to match moods and decor. These boxes are kid-friendly and easy to move, with ventilation and a safety hinge that can protect little fingers from injury. The toy box chest will arrive fully assembled, so there is no need to wait for a grown-up to put it together.

Two-Step Stool

These two-step stools are handcrafted and sturdy and can help your little ones access countertops and make them feel independent and part of the action. This is important for older siblings who may start to assert their autonomy now that the new baby is here. Give them an easy way to stay involved!

Options include personalization with one or two names and a longer length to accommodate two names instead of one and four feet instead of two. Names and colors can be customized to your specifications and take up to 4 weeks to create. Don’t forget a unique engraving!

Custom wooden monogram with "RBS"

Custom Wooden Monogram

Help an older sibling customize the new nursery by having them “gift” the baby with a personalized wooden monogram wall hanging. A rope border adds a touch of something special, and you can choose from 4 fonts and 16 colors. You can even order this monogram unpainted and get the older sibling to DIY it with their creative style.

We can make this particular monogram with up to four initials. We can also make it in your choice of size, ranging from 16” to 36” — the possibilities are endless! Our team can also offer custom options not shown on our website. Because of the personalized nature of this gift, it takes about 4-6 weeks to create.

We offer several different versions of our name stools with many options for customers to customize colors and themes. Every item is crafted to order, so no two are alike. We also sell a variety of children’s puzzles, toys, toy boxes, coat racks, and rocking chairs. All paints, finishes, and wood are child-safe and made in the United States, and we even offer free replacement pieces for our puzzles — you just pay for shipping. Contact us today to learn more!