Classic Maple Stools

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Classic Maple Stools! Gives a Child a Step Up in Life.

Our most beloved creation is personalized name puzzle stools handcrafted by our seasoned craftsman.

Each item is made just for you to cherish your precious memories.

The name is not in English? No problem! We can make it how you want it!

Because of the unique way in which we cut the name puzzles, we replace lost puzzle pieces for free (shipping cost applies).

Go to “Lost Piece Replacement” on the home page for more details.

As each stool is personalized, also we are proud of our high-quality work and the time and care we take to craft for you, so please allow 4-6 weeks for us to create, and if you requested a paint job, please allow another extra week.

Made with FSC®-certified wood. Your purchase helps support healthy forests and ecosystems worldwide.

If you have any other special requests or fully custom work, give us a call at 800.383.0247 or email us – at

11 reviews for Classic Maple Stools

  1. Sharon Gauert (verified owner)

    I discovered these stools when our grandchildren were born 30 years ago. It is my standard baby gift as everyone loves them. All 4 of our grandkids have their Name Stool & they still keep them in their closet.

  2. Lauren

    We received one of these stools when my eldest was born and I’ve been purchasing them for my friends’ babies ever since! We love ours and I always receive good feedback from the recipients. Excited that the website has been revamped for handheld devices – should make ordering that much easier!

  3. CFO

    I have purchased these stools for over 25 years. Now purchasing for 2nd generation.

  4. Mrs.

    This was the fifth stool we ordered and absolutely love it. Great quality.

  5. great gift!

    It has become a tradition to give these name stools as a first birthday gift to family members and close friends. We have 2 in our house, and the adults use them just as much as the kids. They are beautiful, high-quality, and very strong and durable. I also love that Hollow Wood Works is so easy to work with when it comes to replacing letters. I cannot recommend these enough!

  6. Grandma

    I highly recommend getting these wonderful stools for any child. They are very well crafted and very durable. I have been ordering them for over 12 years—–each time the stool is the best gift for a child. The last one I ordered was for my great granddaughter’s First Birthday !!!! You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Ms

    The name stools are my favorite gift to give to new parents. They always love having something personalized, and they are always adorable. I still have the one given to me when my son was born, and he just graduated from high school. The craftsmanship is amazing, and they are such a great way for kids to learn how to recognize their own name. Thank you!!

  8. Mrs.

    I have been ordering these stools for 21 years. This is what I give to every new baby in our family. Everyone loves them! They last a lifetime!11

  9. Henry

    This was a baby gift sent to Long Island. The parents love it! This stool is our standard baby gift and always a big hit!

  10. Grandma

    I first purchased these stools for my children 30 years ago at a craft fair. Now I am ordering them for my grandchildren. My children still have and use the ones I bought 30 years ago. They are in remarkably good shape so I recommend these to anyone who wants a durable long lasting keepsake of their childhood.

  11. Mrs.

    I have been buying this item for 20 years for my grandchildren and not great grandchildren. Great gift also.

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