Two-step Maple Stools

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Two Step Maple Stools Takes a Child a Step Higher

Want to get even higher? This will get you there. Personalized two-step name puzzle stools handcrafted by our seasoned craftsman.
We build in a hidden storage space for you too, shhh…don’t tell the others.
It’s Stool-Chromatic! (Stool Top Color Choices)
Make the name pop the colors that is you. (Custom Name Puzzle Color Pattern)
Engraved, Forever. (Engraving)

The name is not in English? No problem! We can make it how you want it!

Because of the unique way in which we cut the name puzzles, we replace lost puzzle pieces for free (shipping cost applies). Go to “Lost Piece Replacement” in the home page for more detail.

If you have any other special request or fully custom work, give us a call – 800.383.0247 or email us –

As each stool is personalized, also we are proud of our high-quality work, the time and care we take to craft for you, so please allow 2-3 weeks for us to create, and if you requested paint job, please allow another extra week.


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