Why Should You Choose Wooden Toys?

There’s no shortage of video games, mobile devices, and technology that kids would love to receive as a gift. However, some of the longest-lasting and most valuable gifts stand the test of time and don’t require batteries. Yes, I am referring to custom wooden toys.

Screen Time Has Its Place

On the one hand, children need to spend some time with computers and tablets to appreciate and interact with the modern world fully. Despite that, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that toddlers and young children watch no more than one hour of quality educational programming per day. They also recommend that children 18 months and younger use screens only for occasional video chatting.

Children should play outside, interact with other children, or play with physical toys for the rest of their days—precisely like those we sell here at Hollow Woodworks. In this way, their brains can flourish, their eyesight can remain unaffected, and they can learn how to imagine and think critically and grow.

The Benefits of Wooden Toys

The sensory experiences of touching, holding, and exploring the shape and weight of wooden toys can help build crucial hand-eye coordination and boost memory. Babies tend to explore through touch and placing objects in their mouths. Wooden toys are a natural, organic way to encourage that exploration and establish connections with their senses.

When combined with reading and letter recognition, wooden toys can support emerging literacy skills. They’re also more streamlined, which means young learners won’t be distracted by technology or complicated plastic parts. Minimalist wooden toys can spark imagination and prompt children to express themselves as they explore.

The purchase price point of wooden toys is not only lower than their plastic counterparts, but they’re also cheaper to own over their lifetime. They don’t need major repair, and in many cases, if the wooden toys are solid without any moving parts, they don’t need any repair at all.

Think Outside the (Toy) Box

There are plenty of wood gifts that aren’t necessarily toys you can give, too! Using a wooden stool can empower kids to learn chores and help out around the house. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when they can see the world from an adult’s point of view, along with reducing frustration and increasing independence. Add their name to the stool for additional educational benefits.

Not only do puzzles improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills at a young age, but they also encourage problem-solving, shape recognition, and improve memory. From infancy well into childhood, puzzles are fun and essential for development, but we often field questions about which puzzles are most appropriate for children of certain ages.

The nice thing about name stools from Hollow Woodworks is while they can be practical, they also can be entertaining. With each letter of their name working together like a wood block puzzle, children can benefit from the same developmental advantages as other types of puzzles. They can identify colors, the letters of their name, and work them all together into the right order, allowing them to learn how to spell their name more quickly while learning the sorts of things that will get them ready for preschool. Kids love puzzles, and they need step stools, so why not get the best of both worlds?

Why Choose Us?

Hollow Woodworks builds our stools and puzzles in our shop in Ferguson, Missouri. The quality and attention to detail for all of our products remain a benchmark in the industry. All of our paints, finishes, and wood are child-safe and made in the United States.

We offer several different versions of our name stools with many options for customers to customize colors and themes. We also sell a variety of children’s puzzles, toys, and toy boxes. In recent years, we’ve added a line of home décor items such as custom wood hanging art, monograms, and letters. Every item is crafted to order, so no two are alike. Puzzle pieces and the name stool letters have a lifetime guarantee. If a letter or puzzle piece is lost, we will replace it for free. Shop online for your next gift today!