The Guide to Decorating a Child’s Room

a nursery

When a baby is on the way, endless tasks must be done before their arrival. Shopping for baby clothes, stocking up on diapers, and baby-proofing the house all take time and money. One of the most time-consuming tasks can be preparing the space for the baby, whether that be a nursery, a larger room, or a section of an apartment. A child’s room helps them to grow, develop, and feel secure where they live. When a parent or guardian sets up the room and decorates, there are many considerations to take into account

Comforting Colors

The days of everything for newborns being baby blue or blush pink may be in the rearview mirror, but there is still something to be said about picking a color scheme and general theme for a child’s room. If the room is for a newborn baby, it’s important to remember that the whole world is new to them – and that can be very overwhelming for a young, developing mind. Consistent and complimentary colors in their space can provide comfort in an otherwise visually stimulating world. Softer, less stimulating colors may even help your child relax and sleep.

Room for Creativity

Although having a peaceful, comforting space is important for a child, there should also be room for creativity. For babies, this can look like age-appropriate toys modeling a theme that matches the color scheme. Light green and blue walls and furniture can pair well with a jungle or farm theme, and the child can express their creativity with stuffed animals, stacking toys, etc. As the child ages, they will likely pick some of their toys and may want to stray from the original theme. To promote creativity, parents should encourage this and avoid overly specific themes like a single movie or show character. 

Personal Space

Whether a child has their own room or shares with a sibling, the idea behind personal space is critical. Parents may consider creating a special zone within the area, such as a reading corner with a comfy beanbag chair or a canopy over their bed. Personal details like the child’s initials as wall art or a fun sign with their name can also help the room feel more personal.

Evolve as They Grow

Even if a parent picks out a great color scheme, theme, and furniture for the child, chances are as they get older, they’ll want to make changes, and their room will evolve. To avoid replacing many items, choosing furniture that can be adapted for later use may be helpful. For instance, wall art or posters that go with multiple stages of childhood, or a window seat that can be used at any age. 

Storage for Toys and Belongings

Toys are essential for creative play and development, but they can also be a headache to clean up daily. Many parents are turning to easy storage solutions that make pickup quick, easy, and accessible for even toddlers. Cubbies with fabric organizers or baskets can work wonders for clothes, toys, and books. Another great choice is a classic toy chest easily stowed under a bed, in the closet, or even left out as decoration. 

It Takes Two (or More)

Many children share a room with their siblings or other family members. Children can still have personal zones and take ownership of their space, even in a shared room. Experts agree there are even benefits of children sharing a room. To ensure there are still some boundaries, parents may consider dividing the room with small partitions or allowing them to choose decorations for their area. Experts also recommend that while some toys and clothes might be shared, the children should learn about setting boundaries and pick out items they want to keep as only theirs.

A child playing

Light It Up

Another important consideration for a child’s room is lighting. Lighting is essential for any space throughout a home, and that importance increases in rooms where people sleep. When a child is young, a simple overhead light and curtains or shades to control natural light from a window may do. As the child gets older, adding smaller lamps or creative lighting allows them to find out how they like their room lit for sleep and any other activities they do in their room. Lamps also work well for shared rooms when children go to sleep/wake up at different times. 

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