The Benefits of Wooden Toys and How to Care for Them

There’s a reason (several, actually) that wooden toys have been around for generations. Even the newest, flashiest electronic gadgets can’t claim the developmental benefits of wooden toys — especially when it comes to STEM learning. Wooden toys are also less expensive and last longer, which makes them a smart investment that can easily pay for itself.


Wooden Toys Build Sensory Skills

The sensory experiences of touching, holding, and exploring the shape and weight of wooden toys can help build important hand-eye coordination and boost memory. Babies tend to explore through touch and also by placing objects in their mouths. Wooden toys are a natural, organic way to encourage that exploration and establish connections with their senses.


Wooden Letters Help With Language Development

When combined with reading and letter recognition, wooden toys can support emerging literacy skills. They’re also more streamlined, which means young learners won’t be distracted by technology or complicated plastic parts. Minimalist wooden toys can spark imagination and prompt children to express as they explore.




Wooden Puzzles Boost Fine Motor Skills

Pinching, lifting, and fitting wooden puzzle pieces together all help build fine motor skills, which is how the hands and fingers learn how to synchronize with the eyes. Building this hand-eye coordination sets the foundation for other, bigger skills like holding a utensil for eating and using a pencil for writing.


Wooden Stools Can Support Development

Using a wooden stool around the house can empower kids to learn chores and help out around the house. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when they can see the world from an adult’s point of view, along with reducing frustration and increasing independence. Add their name to the stool for additional educational benefits. 


Wooden Toys are Eco-friendly, Safe, and Durable

Wooden toys are eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable, which means they won’t end up in a landfill like plastic toys. They’re also non-toxic, BPA free, organic, and naturally antibacterial. Because they’re timeless and withstand years of play, wooden stools are perfect heirloom toys that can be passed down throughout generations. 


Wooden Puzzles Teach Concentration

Putting the pieces of a wooden puzzle together builds patience and concentration, both of which are part of problem-solving skills that come later. While screens and gadgets can offer distractions, wooden puzzles aren’t overstimulating and kids need to tap into their memory to recall which pieces fit together.


Wooden Toy Chests Promote Responsibility

All of those wooden toys need organization, and a wooden toy chest can help teach kids about cleaning up after themselves. Putting toys away every day can highlight the importance of accountability which they can take into their school years and beyond. This is a fun and subtle way to lay the groundwork for more intensive household chores. 




Wooden Stools Make Great Gifts

Trendy plastic toys will come and go, but personalized wooden stools show that you’re putting extra effort into gift-giving. Custom wooden stools match any home decor style and teach reading skills while giving kids a chance to participate in more grown-up tasks like cooking in the kitchen or cleaning up around the house.


Caring for Your Wooden Toys

The best part about wooden toys, puzzles, and stools is that they don’t require any special chemicals to stay clean. Avoid using disinfecting sprays or wipes, especially if your child is still putting toys in their mouths. All you need to do is wipe down surfaces with non-toxic cleaner or dish soap diluted in water. 

Don‘t submerge your wooden toys or puzzle pieces in water or run them in the washing machine or dishwasher. Wood warps as it dries after soaking, which means pieces won’t fit together and paint will crack. High-quality wooden toys, puzzles, and stools will use paints and finishes that are guaranteed to be safe for children of all ages.

A light layer of beeswax can help keep the wood looking like new, and it’s also important to store wood inside. The temperature fluctuations won’t affect them like they would in an attic or garage. 

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