In Case of Lost Pieces: A Guide

It’s not fun losing a puzzle piece to a premium wood puzzle, but here at Hollow Woodworks, we will replace broken or lost pieces for free!

As adults, many of us have had the experience of dumping out a box of jigsaw puzzle pieces, spending the better part of a long afternoon assembling the picture on the outside of the box one tiny piece at a time, only to discover that one of the pieces is missing. The puzzle will be impossible to finish simply because that lone renegade piece didn’t find its way back into the box the last time it was used.

That, quite frankly, is a huge bummer, and it’s no less significant for a child’s puzzle, even though they may invest less time in discovering something is missing. In a lot of ways, losing a puzzle piece can be more disappointing for a young child since their toys are more important to them.

No, you’re never too old (or too young) to be upset about a missing or broken puzzle piece. This is especially true when the puzzle is as nice as the wood puzzles we make at Hollow Woodworks! Thankfully, there are things families can do to keep these puzzles together and in good working condition.

How to Keep Puzzles Pieces from Getting Lost or Broken

One of the really nice things about a wood block puzzle is that the pieces are large enough and durable to undertake the punishing that occurs during toddlers playtime. Pieces may go in a child’s mouth or get thrown against the wall, for example, and in most cases, they will stand up to this kind of handling. Of course, if you really want to keep this type of damage from occurring, it is best to keep a close eye on children while they play with these toys. Not that these puzzles require hovering supervision, but watching children more closely ensures they play with the toys in the safest way possible.

In terms of keeping pieces from getting lost, it gets a little tougher. Puzzle pieces could get dropped under a seat in the car or hauled off to a quiet, dark corner of the house, never to return, and there is very little that parents can do about it. Keeping all the pieces in a plastic baggie has worked well for some families, while others invest in little Rubbermaid containers to keep everything in one place. Organization is your best bet for keeping all those pieces in one place, even if it’s hard to stay organized with little ones running around your house.

Hollow Woodworks Will Replace Missing Pieces for Free!

Here’s the good news: if your child loses or breaks any piece or pieces from a Hollow Woodworks puzzle, we will replace that piece free of charge. All you have to pay is the cost of shipping, and before you know it you’ll have a brand-new piece in the mail to replace the one that was lost or broken. Whether it’s a name puzzle or one of our other wooden puzzles, all you have to do is call Jim at (800) 383-0247, and we will start the process of getting you a new puzzle piece as quickly as possible.

It is almost impossible to keep young children from breaking or losing pieces, which is exactly why Hollow Woodworks quickly replaces those pieces, completely free of charge!