Five Reasons Why a Puzzle Stool Should Be Your Next Gift

Buying a gift for someone can be challenging. When buying a gift for a toddler or young child, getting the right gift can be even more difficult. You might find yourself wandering up and down the toy aisle wondering which of the numerous plastic toys will keep the child’s attention, not break when dropped, and not drive the parents up a wall with its constant repeating sound effects. If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, we have the perfect solution!

One of Hollow Woodworks’ signature products is the name puzzle stool. With these puzzle stools being unique, durable, educational, and long-lasting, there’s no doubt they will make a perfect gift for a young child. Let’s find out what benefits our puzzle stools have.

 Developing Motor Skills 

During early childhood development, a child should begin to work on their fine motor skills. These skills use smaller muscles and help with tasks like holding utensils or buttoning a shirt. Playing with puzzles is an excellent way for children to develop these fine motor skills. With our puzzle stools, children naturally want to pick up the pieces and put them back in their place in the puzzle. This motion keeps them entertained and sets them up for strong hand-eye coordination as they grow older.

 Learning Colors

Every child learns at their own pace. However, early childhood development specialists recommend that children work on recognizing colors and shapes by as early as 18 months. Our puzzle stools are excellent for teaching colors. The child can match like colors together and then say the color name with the color. Our stools typically come with letters in either bright primary colors or softer pastel colors. You can customize the colors of the letters or the stool itself to your liking.

 Learning Letters

After or around the same time a child is learning their colors, they should also start working on their letters. In addition to our colorful puzzle piece letters, they are also large and easy to hold. The child could start by matching the letters in the puzzle with any of the same letters (if they have repeating letters in their name). As they improve with matching, they can work on identifying the letter out loud. When you buy a puzzle stool from us, there is a lifetime guarantee on the puzzle pieces, so if a piece gets lost, contact us, and we can replace it.

Name Recognition

After a child starts learning letters, they should learn how to identify, spell, and write their name. Learning their name is a vital task to work on as soon as the child is able, and for sure around the time they will start school. A parent could mix up the letters and have the child put them back in the correct order. The child can also practice sounding out each letter as they put the letter back in its place in the puzzle.

Reach New Heights

Finally, another use for the puzzle stool that makes it a great gift is how the child can use the stool itself. Many of us remember the frustration of being little and unable to reach the sink, the counter, a shelf, etc. A stool allows a child to step up and see the world at a new level. They can bring their stool into the bathroom and practice personal hygiene tasks such as washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and washing their face. Or they could bring their stool into the kitchen and help prepare food at the counter. However they choose to use their stool, it will be a gift they can use for years to come.

Are you ready to see a child’s face light up and smile as they unwrap your gift? You can order one of our name puzzle stools today! If you are interested in further customizations, contact us, and we can discuss what will make this puzzle stool the perfect gift. The Hollow Woodworks team has been making puzzle stools for over 37 years and has made over 350,000 stools. Once you start gifting these stools, they’ll become your go-to gift whenever you shop for a young child. Contact us now!