Cutest Nursery Decorating Ideas

a nursery

Having a baby—especially the first baby—is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking things that a person can experience. In the months before a child is born, one of the best ways that parents-to-be can fill their time is by decorating their nursery. With so many great websites and available products giving expecting parents ideas for their decorations, there are seemingly endless options available to those looking to create an adorable, comfortable nursery for their child. 

The following is a look at some of the most popular nursery decorating ideas for expectant parents:

#1 Add a Pattern in the Paint

Choosing paint colors for a baby’s nursery often comes only after days of deliberation, but once the color is chosen, you may also want to consider adding a cool pattern in the paint. Using painter’s tape to set off stripes, parents can add texture to the walls in a way that a plain color just wouldn’t.

#2 Wallpaper an Accent Wall

While wallpaper on every wall in the room could be a little much, choosing a complementary patterned wallpaper, typically as the wall on which the crib is placed, is a really easy way to make the room pop with color. Plain ol’ paint is fine, and wallpaper is a little more labor-intensive, but the end result could be a truly unique nursery that looks warm and inviting.

#3 Use Wooden Monogram Lettering

If you are trying to determine what to put on the baby’s walls, consider adding a wooden wall monogram with your baby’s initials or a wooden wall script that spells out the child’s entire name. Here at Hollow Woodworks, we specialize in these types of wall decorations, which are great for people of any age but especially good for children’s bedrooms.

#4 Hang a Picture Gallery

If the wooden monogram or wall script doesn’t seem like enough to fill the walls, consider adding a picture gallery on that wall with the monogram or script as the centerpiece. You can frame photos of nature or cityscapes or art or even pets and toys. Make the frames match in color and lay them out neatly on the wall for an effect that is personal and aesthetically pleasing.

#5 Pattern the Wall with Decals

Another way to add a personal touch to the room is to choose some decals to stick in patterns onto an accent wall. There are a number of different options available to people looking to do this sort of thing, but we recommend choosing something fairly small to use as a pattern or as an accent. The extra shapes and colors could be the sort of thing your child will grow up loving.

While Hollow Woodworks is not capable of outfitting a complete nursery redesign, our wooden monogram letters can go a long way toward improving the overall aesthetics of the room. They are an affordable, customizable way to bring some personalized flair to your nursery, and because they are made of wood, they will hold up well and be keepsakes for the child’s entire life.