Activities to do With Your Grandkids

There’s no doubt that today’s grandparents are more involved in their grandkids’ lives than ever before. Many are even part-time and full-time caregivers, childcare providers, and live-in family members. For the grandparents and grandkids that spend plenty of time together, the daily routine can get a little boring. Try one (or all) of these great activities to help mix things up and bond even more.


Nature Walks

It’s important for family members on both ends of the age spectrum to stay active, and what better way to do that than a nature walk or hike? Choose trails that are easy for every skill level and take your time — it’s about the journey, not the destination. Collect treasures along the way like leaves or flowers, and quiz each other about science- and nature-related topics.


Arts & Crafts

Is there a particularly crafty skill you’re good at? Pass it down to your grandkids! Activities like crocheting and painting are easy to teach at any age and help create memories. If you’re not particularly artistic, there are unlimited resources available online. Look for free printable coloring pages or turn to Pinterest for some inspiration on how to create art from recycled items around the home.


Cooking & Baking

Think about all the recipes that have been passed down through the generations of your family. Instead of just handing over a recipe card, show your grandkids how the recipes can come to life. For younger grandkids that need a little extra help reaching the kitchen counter, take a look at our custom stools that will keep everyone engaged and involved.



Puzzles are a great way to help little ones build important developmental skills. They’ve also been shown to help seniors battle cognitive decline. Working together to finish something can give everyone a sense of accomplishment and help support the idea of teamwork — something that kids will take with them throughout their lives.



Playing Board Games

Use classic board games to help foster healthy competition and bring back a sense of nostalgia. You can still easily find some of the most popular games you played when you were younger, and card games like Go Fish and Hearts are timeless while also supporting early math skills for little learners.



Do you love to garden? This is a great hobby to pass along to your grandkids. Set aside an area in your own garden that will allow kids to play and learn without impacting the other vegetation. Let them get their hands dirty while also offering freedom for them to explore. Include them in the ongoing work that it takes to maintain their garden, too.



Whether you have a collection of kids’ books at home or you go to the library, make it a habit to read with your grandkids. You can start reading to them when they are babies, and in fact, there are plenty of studies that show this is hugely beneficial. Reading builds important skills for school-age kids and it’s a great alternative to screen time.



Outdoor Play

Heading to the playground is a great activity for especially energetic grandkids. Try to switch things up by exploring all of the playgrounds in your area or find a favorite and stick to it. This is another opportunity to take them somewhere they can interact with other children and build social skills.


Take a Class

Many community centers offer classes that kids and adults can take together to learn a new skill. If that’s not an option, go online to look for free videos that will walk everyone through something they’ve never tried before. Think: origami, yoga, or learning how to play an instrument.



Okay, so this isn’t the most fun activity on the list, but you can make it fun with the right attitude! Sometimes kids just listen better to adults that aren’t their parents, and you can take advantage of this. The grandkids will learn how to keep their space neat and tidy, and if you babysit while their parents are at work, this can be a huge help at the end of a long day. We offer some great tips for kids as young as toddler age to help build helpful habits around the house.



Cheer on the local team together! Heading out to a sporting event gets you out of the house, away from the screens, and doesn’t require a long attention span or much physical activity — making it a great activity for all ages. Tickets to college-level events are often inexpensive and many of them are likely during the daytime hours. Think about the memories you’ll make watching the game.