A Gift That Grows With Your Child or Grandchild

Choosing a gift for a child or grandchild can be an incredibly challenging undertaking, especially in a day and age when kids really do seem to have everything. Finding something that is meaningful enough to a child to stand out in a crowd of whizzing and chirping electronic toys certainly can be daunting, but finding something a child will love and appreciate not only in childhood but as adults can feel nearly impossible.

For those trying to make this type of decision when buying a toy as a gift, we recommend looking into one of our custom-made name stools here at Hollow Woodworks. They are precisely the kind of toy that grows up right alongside a toddler.

Here are a few reasons why a wood block puzzle stool is a great gift for a younger child because it will be something they appreciate and use in different ways as they grow:

Custom-Made Name Stools Help Toddlers Learn Their Letters

There are all sorts of ways that kids can learn the alphabet, but if there is a wood block puzzle they interact with on a daily basis it’s nearly impossible for them not to grow familiar with the letters in their name. That is, in fact, the beauty of a name puzzle; the more they interact with those bright, colorful letters, the quicker they’ll learn how to spell their name. It may even be the first time they actually recognize their own name in print!

Custom-Made Name Stools Help Toddlers Reach Things

As children get older and start to crave more independence, a wooden step stool can help them reach objects safely that they couldn’t reach before. This doesn’t just apply to toys on a shelf, however. It also can help them see themselves in the mirror when they learn to brush their teeth and allow them to rinse much more easily.

Custom-Made Name Stools Can Be Used for Potty Training

As toddlers begin to use the toilet on their own, the kid’s stool can help them reach the big potty and then prop up their legs so they can be comfortable while sitting. It is yet another way this stool can adapt for new uses as your child grows.

Custom-Made Name Stools Will Keep for Years to Come

Even when a child completely grows out of needing the stool to reach things or to learn how to spell their name, there is a very good chance that they will keep it for the remainder of their lives. What parent is going to throw away a high-quality, personalized toy like a wooden name puzzle? And if they hold onto it long enough for the child to grow into adulthood, chances are good that the child, as an adult, also will be too attached to get rid of it.

All of this means that if you’re looking for a gift that a child will cherish from the time they are toddlers all the way into adulthood, a personalized name stool from Hollow Woodworks is an excellent way to go.