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Three Ways Puzzles Promote Child Development

Anybody looking for a puzzle in a brick-and-mortar store likely will find it located in the toy section, but it isn’t necessarily fair to place them in the same classification as many of the other toys in that part of the store. The truth is that puzzles are excellent manipulatives to help children develop and […]

A Gift That Grows With Your Child or Grandchild

Choosing a gift for a child or grandchild can be an incredibly challenging undertaking, especially in a day and age when kids really do seem to have everything. Finding something that is meaningful enough to a child to stand out in a crowd of whizzing and chirping electronic toys certainly can be daunting, but finding […]

In Case of Lost Pieces: A Guide

It’s not fun losing a puzzle piece to a premium wood puzzle, but here at Hollow Woodworks, we will replace broken or lost pieces for free!

As adults, many of us have had the experience of dumping out a box of jigsaw puzzle pieces, spending the better part of a long afternoon assembling the picture on the outside of the box one tiny piece at a time, only to discover that one of the pieces is missing. The puzzle will be […]