Pumpkin Monogram

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Pumpkin Monogram
It’s fall. Time for some pumpkins.

4 standard fonts (Scroll, Curly, Vine, & Print).
19 colors available or leave unpainted to have a fun DIY project with family and friends. (Please refer colors to the color chart in the product pictures)
If you have a particular font or design you’d like to create but we don’t currently offer, just contact us @ 314-524-4993 or contactus@hollowwoodworks.com, we’ll work with you to create the monogram exactly how to like it.

Actual sizes of Pumpkin Monograms are (in inches):
Size Height Width
16 14 16
20 18 20
24 21 24
30 36 30
36 32 36

Made of 1/4″ thick MDF wood.
Warning! This product is NOT weather resistant. Can be on a door or outside wall that is protected from the weather by a storm door or porch overhang.

ONE initial only.

Specify initials in the order in which the are to be in the monogram.
Traditional examples:
For an individual: name is John William Smith, the monogram is JSW
For a couple: names are Fred & Ethel Mertz, the monogram is FME

We are proud of our high-quality work, the time and care we take to craft for you, so please allow 4-6 weeks for us to create.

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