We Are Open For Business

With so much happening around us due to the Coronavirus, we’ve had a lot of calls from customers who want to know if we’re still open. The short answer is “yes”, but like everyone else, we have had to make some difficult changes to do our part to “flatten the curve”.

Our shop in Ferguson, Missouri is close to my home and I am here every day building and shipping our custom puzzle stools and gifts. We have furloughed the rest of the shop crew, so I’m here by myself–much the way I started nearly 20 years ago.

All of our office staff is working from home. So, we are fully operational to take your calls, emails, and most importantly for our locally-owned private business, take your orders.

As you might guess, we aren’t building and shipping as fast as we normally do, but we will fulfill all orders and keep you posted as to when you can expect them to arrive.

Like all of you, we are looking forward to bringing everyone back to work and becoming fully operational again soon.

Thank you for your understanding and please be safe.