Three Uses for Personalized Wooden Step Stools

child grabbing orange

Here at Hollow Woodworks, perhaps the most iconic and treasured item that we sell is the personalized step stool. As we have written in the space many times before, there are all kinds of reasons why wooden toys are great for kids, and how puzzles do a lot for a child’s physical and mental development, but these stools also will prove to be quite useful for the kids who receive them as gifts. In fact, there are ways to use these stools every single day, meaning that while they are toys, they also have the potential to be so much more. 

#1 Stools Help Children Reach Things

Because children are far from reaching their full height, they are unable to reach many of the things they need to reach on a daily basis. Perhaps the sippy cup holding their milk or water is located on a fridge shelf that’s too high for them to reach, or maybe they would like to reach for a toy on a shelf that is located a little higher than they are tall. Few things are more frustrating for children than knowing what they want to accomplish without having the means to actually accomplish it. A wooden step stool can remove that frustration and give young children more independence.

#2 Stools Help Children See Things

Beyond reaching things, sometimes kids need a better view of the world, which also requires a stool. For example, brushing their teeth at night may be a challenge if they can’t see over the counter and watch what they’re doing. Some children like to watch their parents cook, and pulling a stool up to the counter allows them to be part of that process. Using a stool doesn’t necessarily mean a child wants to get into something; sometimes they just want to be closer to an adult’s height so they can see the world like adults do. Frankly, that’s one of the best ways to learn about the adult world.

#3 Puzzle Stools Can Be Developmental Toys

The nice thing about name stools from Hollow Woodworks is while they can be practical, they also can be really fun. With each letter of their name working together like a wood block puzzle, children can benefit from all the same developmental advantages as other types of puzzles. They can identify colors, the letters of their name, and work them all together into the right order, giving them the opportunity to learn how to spell their own name more quickly while learning the sorts of things that will get them ready for preschool. Kids love puzzles, and they need step stools, so it’s lucky that these stools allow them to enjoy both.

Knowing all this, if you are interested in buying a personalized name stool for a child in your life, simply place the order through Hollow Woodworks and our craftspeople will hand-make a stool that looks great, holds up well over time, and makes your child’s life easier and more fun. Every kid needs a stool, so it may as well be a durable one with their name cut right into it.